28 July 2019

Employee Experience Ups and Downs

I work in the HR space, and even though my work is more on the data protection field and its intersection with Human Resources, I still have an idea of what my colleagues within HR are busy with when it comes to initiatives for employees. The thing I typically hear about is the notion of employee experience, and for the most part, I see this concept from the back door, so to speak, since I am part of the bigger team that designs what this concept could look like. Although every now and then, I see it from the other side, and then this makes me realise how important this concept actually is.

See, when your spouse gets a job interview, and you see how things are working (or not) in the firm that he is interviewing with. Or when you see that the firm goes through a restructuring, and somehow you know someone who is affected. Suddenly, notions like Severance Pay and Termination Agreement all come to life. Previously, these were just notions that I worked with, information types in employee databases. Now it all is real, and you see how everything all adds up.

I suppose perhaps due to the fact that I am part of a large organisation, with more than 10,000 employees, and we have the proper machinery and workforce to take care of this large group of people, then we can come up with initiatives that actually are designed to take care of our employees. But when you're working in a small company, say less than 200, then perhaps your priorities are less about the employees and more about wanting your entire business to succeed.

Recently, I have been having plenty of discussions with my spouse about the pros and cons of large and small companies. I am coming from the regulator's perspective: I love working in a place where there's a large team of lawyers, specialising in various aspects of legal topics. I would prefer that to say a small start up with perhaps just one lawyer to do everything. My spouse on the other hand is a software engineer, and being a tech person, would prefer being in a smaller environment where there's less processes that would hinder his creative energy.

In any case, there's advantages and disadvantages of both. And sometimes, it all boils down to personal preferences as well. I must say, that I actually like where I am at the moment, and would try my best to hang on to this gig as much as I can.

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