11 August 2019

Easter in Istanbul: Topkapı Palace

One highlight of our brief stint in Istanbul was the visit to the Topkapı Palace. This is a large palace that was originally constructed by Mehmed the Conqueror back in the 15th century. It took us a couple of hours to check it out. It was also a crowded visit, but somehow we were able to manage.

The Topkapı Palace is actually a complex that is composed of several independent buildings. There are pavilions, rooms, and various other architectural elements that all come together within one compound. We were able to check out these little buildings one by one, navigating our way through the gardens.

One of the most impressive interiors is the Library Room, with double layered windows, of different styles. If the pasha was indeed using this room to study, then I can imagine how peaceful and serene that would be.

There are many other interior areas of the palace that was very visually captivating. The above photos for example show you the interior rooms for the women and children, as well as other well-decorated areas of the palace.

Finally, we also entered the harem, which is an area of the palace that is not typically included in the price of the general ticket. There's an extra ticket that you have to procure once you're inside. But in any case, what you see inside is superb. The harem is where the female members of the royal family live, and it is a protected area apparently. Nowadays, you can enter it now as long as you have a valid supplementary ticket.

Overall, I found this palace to be amazing and mind-blowing. It's not the most opulent palace that I have seen, but it is nevertheless spectacular and worth checking out.

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