17 August 2019

Sex and Technology

I had a rather interesting discussion lately about sex and technology, as well as the ethics surrounding it. See, technology has been advancing to the point that gadgets for sexual pleasure are becoming more and more advanced and common. If you aren't well-versed on this topic, then it might surprise you.

Of course, there's the toys, the traditional ones as well as the ones with batteries. And then there's teledildonics, or remote sex toys, where the toy can be controlled by someone else from a long distance away. And then there's dolls and robots.

As these devices become more and more sophisticated, interesting questions arise. For example, would this enhance or hamper someone's relationship? What if the robot somehow is better than the actual human partner? Humans are imperfect, but robots can go as long as they can as long as there's a power source. Humans can have weak legs, or a short energy span, but robots don't always have this limitation. I wonder whether there would be humans out there who would start preferring having sex with robots instead of fellow humans, because of this quirk.

Imagining the future can be interesting, and this is one area where I really have no clue what the future is like.

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