04 September 2019

Museumspark Rüdersdorf

One summer weekend, we went to the outskirts of Berlin. We took the S-Bahn, and then a tram, to go to Rüdersdorf, a village in Brandenburg, outside of Berlin. Our destination was the Museumspark Rüdersdorf, an open-air museum, which documents the history of the limestone quarry that is nearby.

The trip took more than an hour. It was a long S-Bahn ride, and the tram ride also was quite a while. But after disembarking from the tram, we just walked a few minutes and the museum was already in front of us.

The museum is open-air, so we made sure that the weather was cooperative when we wanted to visit it. Immediately after the entrance, we saw the portal to the Bülow Canal, which was built in 1816. We also saw a giant furnace, which we could explore inside.

After exploring the interior of the furnace, we moved and ventured further, walking near the edge of the park. We saw the limestone quarry that seemed to still be in operation.

We also saw remnants of transport methods: hanging railways and other apparatuses that were meant to transport heavy materials across the area. Nowadays these infrastructure isn't working anymore, but we were nevertheless allowed to climb up the structures and inspect what used to be a massive transport operation.

Aside from that, we also checked out the massive oven, contained in a building with plenty of furnaces. There were several chimneys marking where these ovens were. The building isn't in operation anymore, but nevertheless it was still interesting to check it out.

We spent about a couple of hours there, and after exploring the area, we also checked out the restaurant, where we had a nice lunch. Overall, it was an interesting and enjoyable day trip visiting a far-flung place outside of the city.


  1. I had to Google "S-Bahn" :-) I always picture tramways as inner city transportation mode, I'm surprised you took it so far from the downtown core (based on your description).

    1. Zhu,

      S-Bahn is kind of like the RER in Paris I think. And for some reason, there's a tram that links with the S-Bahn in this part of the city. It's definitely not in the city centre, and more a suburban area of the city.