08 September 2019

My Fourth Visit to Spain: From Catalonia to Andalusia

Spain seems to be a country which I go back again and again, discovering new things beyond the initial scratch of the surface. The first time was when I spent 5 days in Barcelona and Figueres in 2013, which was for me a short holiday. The second time was when I went to Bilbao in 2016 for work (when I attended my last academic conference). The third time was when I found myself revisiting Catalonia and the Basque Country one year later, in 2017. And finally, the fourth time was earlier this year, in late spring, when I spent two full weeks, again in Catalonia, but also in Andalusia.

My trip was two weeks long, including the weekends that surrounded it. I flew first from Berlin to Barcelona, where I spent 4 nights on my own. It was a wonderful feeling being in a city that I know more or less how it works. I knew the layout, I knew how to get around, so things were not really foreign to me. It was after all my third time in Barcelona, and by then, I already had a pretty good idea how things functioned in this city.

After spending 4 nights, I then flew to Granada and met a friend. My friend and I were travelling a total of 9 nights: 3 in Granada, 3 in Cordoba, and 3 in Sevilla. Though at some point, we changed our plans, and I ended up spending only 2 nights in Cordoba and heading to Cadiz for one night instead. Afterwards, my friend and I parted ways: she boarded a flight to cross the Atlantic, and I took a train to go to Malaga, where I would spend an additional two nights, before flying back to Berlin.

I did so many things during this trip. In Barcelona, I spent a considerable amount of time in the Montjuïc area, in the southwest of the city. I was staying in the neighbourhood of La Bordeta, which is slightly far from the typical tourist haunts, but nevertheless a great place to see where the locals are. So I visited sights that are nearby, such as the National Museum of Art in Catalonia, the Olympic Stadium, as well as the Montjuïc Cemetery. I also checked out other areas that I haven't seen before, like the Casa Vicens, the Museu Blau, the Antique Hospital of Santa Creu, the Ciutadella Park, and the Palau Güell.

While in Barcelona I also did a day trip to Girona, which was a very lovely town in the northeast. I spent the entire day wandering around and discovering the Old Town.

In Granada, of course we visited the Alhambra. Though I must say there are plenty of other things one can check out in Granada, and I just didn't have the chance to fully explore it.

In Cordoba it was rather hot. Nevertheless we still checked out very interesting places, like the Mezquita, as well as several other museums in the city.

I spent a day in Cadiz which was a nice diversion. It's a small town on the shores of the sea, which has a very interesting historical heritage.

Sevilla was another hot city, with a very large Old Town. I found myself walking up and down its maze of alleys and discovering new things left and right. I was able to visit the Real Alcazar, but unfortunately the Cathedral was off limits for me during my visit.

Finally, I headed to Malaga, where I checked out the town of course. But additionally, I headed to do the Caminito del Rey, a very spectacular trek on a canyon, with amazing natural views. Don't do it if you have a fear of heights.

After two weeks spending time in various parts of Spain, I must say I have quite a few data points about this splendid country. I definitely would want to visit again if I have the chance. Maybe that would happen again soon. But in any case, first, there's pictures that will follow. So stay tuned.


  1. Nice! A new sunny travel diary, perfect timing as it gets colder here :-)

    1. Zhu,

      Ah yes, summer is indeed over. It's time to bring out the sweaters and the jackets one more time!