26 September 2019

Updating my CV

Back when I was an academic, I once encountered the advice that I should aim to edit my CV once a month. Given how an academic CV looks like, it meant that I should have some sort of academic output that is worth putting into my CV at least once a month. That was actually very good advice, given how cutthroat the academic job market is. What that advice meant was that one should strive to have a presentation, a publication, something worth putting into your academic CV, happening once a month. Otherwise you won't be productive enough to be worth considering for an academic position.

Nowadays I don't find myself in academia anymore, but nevertheless, I still make sure that my CV is up to date. It moves slightly slower now, and I don't edit it once a month, but regardless I make sure that it is up to date and reflects my current work responsibilities. Once a year I make it a point to revisit it, even though I am not applying for a new job at the moment. After all, who knows if I stumble upon something worth applying to? It's easier to refresh it if it's more or less up to date, than when you're forced to remember all the things you have done in the past couple of years. Given that I work in a very fast-paced environment (I often hear the comparison saying that 2 years working in the company I work for is equivalent to 5 years somewhere else), it is worth revisiting my CV more often than not.

So I have done that recently. I actually have both offline and virtual versions of my CV, given that we're now in the age of social media. And yes, there were a few things that I tweaked to make sure that what I show more accurately reflects what I actually do. And who knows, perhaps that might lead to something bigger.


  1. Ugh, it's on my to-do list but I hate updating my resume. It's a chore even though technically it lists "accomplishments".

    1. Zhu,

      I think if you don't regularly do it, then you'll just forget the things you have done, and it would be harder to do it when you are faced with the situation that you really have to do it.