16 October 2019

Things I Love in Berlin: Collection Night

A couple of weeks ago, there was an event where several art collections (some of them private) all across Berlin decided to open their doors to the public, one evening, all the way until midnight. This event became known as the Collection Night, and was held back in August. Several private art collections welcomed the public and allowed everyone interested to see what their art collection was all about. I visited three such collections that evening, and I was rather impressed to tell the truth.

I first stepped inside the Sammlung Ulrich Seibert. Ulrich Seibert is actually a jurist, but is also an avid art collector, focusing on pop surrealism and lowbrow. His flat was amazing: the entire thing was a work of art. Everywhere I glanced it looked amazing. Unfortunately there were too many people to comfortably take photos, but man I could spend hours in his flat gazing at his artworks.

After that, I turned around the corner and stepped into the Me Collectors Room / Stiftung Olbricht. This is actually an art gallery with an attached cafe, and that night they were showing a movie, in addition to allowing visitors to check out their exhibits. I saw fantastic things, like rotting skulls, as well as stuffed giraffe heads.

Finally, I took a short walk and headed over to the Haubrok Foundation, which was focusing on the work of Joyce Pensato. I wasn't too impressed by this one, but in any case I am glad I checked it out.

There's several more collections that were open that night but I didn't visit. I didn't want to be overloaded with art in any case. Anyway, I am glad I live in a city like Berlin, where events like these actually take place. Events like these definitely make me like where I live more and more.

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