03 November 2019

My Fourth Visit to Spain: Palau Güell

On my last day in Barcelona, I headed to the waterfront to the Rambla. I took a brief stroll, but afterwards I headed to Palau Güell, a mansion designed by Antoni Gaudi for Eusebi Güell. I've always wanted to visit this place, and the last time I checked it out, the queue was rather long, so I made sure that I went here first thing when they opened. I fell in the queue about 15 minutes before they opened, and that was quite a good move in my opinion.

The visit begins with the ground floor entrance, where there are two entrances that are wide enough for a horse-drawn carriage to enter and exit.

Then you are guided towards the immense basement, which features massive columns made of bricks. The designs are quite spectacular and mind-blowing I must say.

Then there's the main entrance to the house, which is through a glamorous staircase. I must say that Antoni Gaudi's designs are still not in their most pronounced here, since the motifs still look rather classical and not Modernista.

Then you see the massive rooms, such as the piano room and the dining room. The furniture is definitely very palatial, and I would have a hard time envisioning me getting comfortable in these large-scale living spaces.

There's also this very sunny balcony at the back of the building.

Of course there's also plenty of intricate interiors, including ceilings.

This mansion is so huge, it even has its own chapel. So if the owner feels religious, there's this space that can be used as a place of worship. No need to go to the church.

Finally, there's the rooftop, with the Gaudi-style chimneys. This is definitely very Gaudi, since these motifs also appear in other buildings in the city, most notably in the Casa Milà.

In any case, this is a very cool building. Make use of the audio guide in case you visit. There's plenty of interesting information in it.

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