29 December 2019

My Fourth Visit to Spain: Casa de Pilatos

Seville has an interesting Old Town, which is compact, yet filled with plenty of interesting mansions and palaces to check out. One of these is the Casa de Pilatos, which is actually still occupied by the Medinaceli family. I went here one day, early in the morning, to see its interiors.

The palace dates back from the 15th century, and has two levels. The upper level is accessible by guided tour only, while the lower level allows visitors to wander around and explore. The mansion features plenty of azulejo tiles, and overall the architectural design is a mixture of Mudejar, Gothic, and Renaissance. As my guidebook says, it basically feels like a mini-Alcazar.

The four pictures above show you the opulent staircase corridor that leads to the upper level. It is definitely very visually eye-catching. Unfortunately visitors are not allowed to take photos in the upper level, but I must say it was definitely very exquisite.

The upper level is rectangular, and has an open atrium, where one can walk around and observe the courtyard on the lower level from above. There are rooms that are located on each side of the rectangular property, and this was what we were exploring, and cannot take a photo of. Anyway, the photos from above show you the courtyard views, from above and below. You can also see some of the statues that are located in the property.

Then there is the garden, which features some busts from ancient Rome. There are also the interior rooms on the lower level, where visitors are allowed to roam in.

One can spend an hour or two in here, admiring this historic building. While I cannot imagine myself living in here, I definitely enjoyed my time checking it out.

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