03 December 2019

The 66 Lakes Trail: Leg 12 - Wendisch Rietz to Leibsch (25 km)

The trail continues: one October weekend, the weather was quite good, so I planned to continue the 66 Lakes Trail and knock off another leg. Legs 12 and 13 go through the Spreewald region, which is slightly tricky when it comes to transportation. This area is not well-connected with buses. So it was advisable that I do Leg 12 in reverse. The end point of Leg 12 has a bus that goes three times a day, while the start point has a train connection that goes once every hour. So I decided to head to the end point first (it's easier to plan my start time than my end time), and work my way backwards.

It took me two hours to get from home to the end point. I took a train first to Lübben, and from there a bus, where I alighted at Hohenbrück. From there I headed north. The scenery I must say was very pretty.

There were some cows, which watched me as I passed by.

The first body of water I saw was Neuendorfer See, which was rather large. The water was calm, and there were some camping sites nearby.

I then reached the village of Alt Schadow, which had a small plaza in the middle.

Then I reached Godnasee, which seemed to be a lake that was popular with nudists. I bumped into quite a few nude people by the lakeside.

Then there's Grubensee. And beyond this I also saw a couple of other lakes: Springsee and Glubigsee. Altogether I was on the trail for about 5 hours, until I reached the train station. There's an hourly train to Königs Wusterhausen, and from there I could catch another train to Berlin. After this segment, this means I have hiked a total of 286 kilometres. 130 kilometres remaining!

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