06 January 2020

My Fourth Visit to Spain: Alcazaba of Málaga

Málaga was my final stop in this two-week trip. This is the city where eventually I would depart from and head back home. I was in Málaga for two nights, mostly as a base for a day trip that I did during my final full day, which was out of town, but nevertheless I also explored the town. There were a few things to see, but definitely there's plenty more that I just didn't cover during my stay. But yes, I was able to check out the Alcazaba.

The Alcazaba is a palatial fortress built by the Hammudid dynasty back in the 11th century. It is now found on the edge of the Old Town, and provides stellar views of the city. There's a Roman theatre that dates back from the 1st century BC next door.

Visitors can freely explore the interior of the Alcazaba. There's plenty of nooks and crannies that one can poke into. The walls are also interesting to explore and investigate. While the sun was rather strong, there was also plenty of shade inside.

There are Islamic gardens and other architectural features one can check out inside. Of course, the level of grandeur is slightly lower compared to other big sites like the Alhambra, but nevertheless it is a feature that I thought was worth looking at.

Finally, there are elevated areas within the Alcazaba which features great views of the city below. Málaga spreads toward all directions, and you can see plenty of the city's landmarks from the top.

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