06 March 2020

Peru, 11 Years Later: Brüning Museum

While I was in Chiclayo, I took a day trip to Lambayeque, a town nearby. This town happens to be the location of two very interesting museums. The first one is the Royal Tombs of Sipan Museum, which unfortunately does not allow pictures inside. Nevertheless, I visited it as well and learned more about the Sipan tomb, which I just visited the day before. Additionally, there is the Brüning Museum, located a few hundred metres away, which houses the collection of Hans Heinrich Brüning, a German-born Peruvian ethnologist.

Brüning was very interested in the ethnic groups that were living in Peru. He even learned the Mochica language, which is now extinct. This museum gives an overview of the many different indigenous groups present in Peru, which was very much educational. As an outsider, it is not immediately obvious that Peru is a very multi-ethnic country, but this museum gives ample evidence of that.

As you can see, there are plenty of jars and other ceramic containers. The impression I get is that pre-Inca cultures tend to have very sophisticated jars, with sculpted handles and other elements. They don't just make a jar, they make a jar that looks like an animal.

I spent a few hours in Lambayeque, learning more about the pre-Inca cultures that are found in this area. Peru is a truly diverse country, and there's plenty of ethnic variety that can be seen if one takes the time to learn about them.

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