11 April 2020

A Weekend in Amsterdam: Het Scheepvaartmuseum

The last thing I checked in Amsterdam before I headed back home was the Maritime Museum, or Het Scheepvaartmuseum. It is a museum dedicated to maritime history, and has plenty of artefacts related to shipping and sailing. After all, the Dutch were great seafaring people, and during the Colonial Period, they definitely had a wide reach. There's plenty of things to see here, including massive ships from a bygone age.

The museum is located in a former naval storehouse. It is a square building with an inner courtyard, originally open-air but they installed a roof above it. Each side has exhibits where one can spend hours on. And there's also the side that faces the water, where the ships are located.

I especially enjoyed the ships, which can be visited. The interiors are definitely cramped, and one can be surprised that these are the ships that went far and wide and went to faraway places back in the days. I definitely like the fact that I am living in the 21st century, where vehicles are way better than these.

Overall, it was an interesting place to check out, which is something I would definitely recommend.

This wraps up my short but sweet Amsterdam weekend. Stay tuned, there is a new destination coming up.

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