05 April 2020

El amor en los tiempos del corona: Shopping for food

Wednesday, April 1: We woke up early in the morning, earlier than usual. This is because we wanted to be the first ones in the supermarket once it opens in the morning. It turns out that this is the best time to do grocery shopping, at least during these times.

See, we've tried several different time slots when it comes to grocery shopping. We've tried to do it during the last hour before they close at night. Mid-afternoon. In the middle of the day. And early in the morning. We've tried it in different days of the week. All of these were to figure out which time slot has the least amount of risk and most amount of items actually on stack.

By now, it seems that the toilet paper craze have abated. Even we have a slightly higher than usual pile at home, maintaining at least 20 rolls (2 closed packs) at a time. I've seen supermarket stalls empty of toilet paper several times before, but nowadays, it seems they are back on stack. But nevertheless, there are still a few other areas of the supermarket that have empty shelves.

Of course, we don't grocery shop every day now, unlike before. Back in the days, we would go just on the way home from work, almost on a daily basis. It made everything fresh back then, at least that was the idea. Nowadays, we just go out once a week. And equipped with two backpacks and several other bags, we'd haul a week's worth of food back home.

So yes, my fridge is well-stacked. We've cooked a lot, froze a bunch of containers with food ready to be defrosted. Yes, we got this meal planning thing going on. And so yeah, we're good to go for another week. And there's emergency supplies in the form of canned food, just in case this supply chain gets interrupted for some reason.

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