29 May 2020

Prancing Yet Again in Paris: Centre Pompidou

After having lunch and dropping off my stuff in my hotel, I decided to venture out. And for some reason, I found myself in the Beaubourg area of the 4th arrondissement of Paris. And sure enough, I decided to check out the most famous and most eye-catching building in the area, the Centre Pompidou.

The Centre Pompidou is a modern art museum, with two floors of massive exhibition space that hold their permanent collections, plus several other areas where temporary exhibitions are displayed. I only purchased a ticket for the regular exhibitions, because that was more than enough. There's plenty of artwork to digest here.

There's plenty to see here. There are works by the famous modern artists, like Marc Chagall and Otto Dix. There's several other pieces from artists whose names I haven't at all encountered. There's plenty of items that would make you think and marvel about the creativity of man.

I spent about three hours here, wandering slowly, room by room. It was definitely time I enjoyed, seeing all the interesting pieces in one building like this.

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