12 June 2020

El amor en los tiempos del corona: Meeting Friends Again

Two weeks ago, we met a friend face to face for the very first time ever since this pandemic happened. We were invited for dinner in our friend's house. That was a Friday. And the Tuesday after that, I met another friend, this time in a restaurant. So slowly, things are opening up.

We definitely weren't embracing the idea. Rather, we were very cautious. We were grabbing back these little liberties one by one, as we constantly watch the values for the spread of the disease in Berlin. The idea we had was that while we're okay with what is happening now, the moment the trend goes toward the negative direction, then we would immediately go back indoors.

On that Friday, it was interesting. We were considering whether we would ride the metro or get a shared car. We ended up on the metro, so we were wearing our masks. Thankfully, most of the other passengers were also wearing one, so it wasn't horrific.

The dinner went well. No hugs, but plenty of elbow bumps. The food was great, and since my friend is Filipino, the dinner was Filipino cuisine, and it was a perfect reminder of tastes that I haven't had recently.

The meeting with the other friend on the Tuesday after also went well. We selected a restaurant with a large outdoor area. The tables were well-spaced away from each other. They didn't give menus away. Rather, there is a QR code on each table, which you can scan with your smartphone, so that you can download the menu. And every time a table becomes free, they have a battalion of disinfectants that they process the table before the next guest can sit.

Perhaps this is the new normal. In any case, we are slowly adapting. But yes, it is nice to see friends again.

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