14 June 2020

Prancing Yet Again in Paris: The Trianon Palaces

Beyond the gardens of Versailles lies two further palaces: the Grand Trianon, where the Treaty of Trianon took place in 1920, shrinking the territory of Hungary; as well as the Petit Trianon, also known as the Domain of Marie-Antoinette. I headed here after lunch to explore. It was actually good timing since a thunderstorm decided to pour down during the exact time I wanted to get some lunch.

Compared to the primary palace, these two properties were more quiet, and visitors seem to not come to this area of the chateau as much. In some areas, I was definitely alone, and I didn't compete with other visitors for camera space. It was easy to meander around and check out the property without being disturbed by other people.

The Trianon has its own park, which is the final part of the entire estate that I checked out. Stay tuned for those photos.

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