20 July 2020

The 66 Lakes Trail: Leg 14 - Halbe to Wünsdorf (28 km)

I wanted to pick up the 66 Lakes Trail again this year. I've started it back in 2018, and it's high time I should finish it soon. I still have a few legs remaining, so when the weather started getting better, I headed out. It was perfect timing since travel isn't really possible given the coronavirus restrictions, but at least domestic day trips are possible, since restrictions are slowly being lifted.

I started in Halbe, a town southeast of Berlin. I took the train and picked up the trail directly outside the train station. Soon enough, I found myself by Heidesee, a lake nearby.

The path passes through a street full of blooming trees.

Then, there's Nicolassee, a small body of water.

Eventually, I reached the town of Teupitz, which is situated by the shores of Teupitzer See. It's small, yet it has its charm.

There are some memorials dedicated to those who perished in previous wars.

Then, further down the path is the Kleiner Zeschsee. A small village is nearby.

I had to pass some sandy pathways, in order to reach the village of Lindenbrück.

Finally, I reached Wolziger See. This is the final lake I have seen in this leg. The town of Wünsdorf is close by, as well as a train station that would take me back to Berlin.

At this point, I have walked 338 kilometres of this trail. I only have 78 kilometres to go! Woohoo!

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