28 July 2020

The 66 Lakes Trail: Leg 16 - Trebbin to Seddin (25 km)

This is the second to the last leg of the 66 Lakes Trail. I am slowly wrapping this hike up. This time, I started from Trebbin in the south of Berlin, and ending up in Seddin, just outside of Potsdam.

Trebbin is the starting point of this leg, and it is actually a small yet rather pretty town. There's a cute little town centre.

One slowly leaves the town, and crosses a river.

The moment the trail leaves the city, the elevation goes higher, as the trail passes through the Löwendorfer Berg. There is a small wooden viewpoint, though I didn't opt to climb it this time.

Then, there is a lake, Blankensee. And just north of it, there is a palace or a chateau, where the trail passes by. The gardens are rather pretty, with interesting sculptures adorning the property.

I must admit, I didn't expect to see Roman-style sculpture on this trail.

As one exits the palace gardens, one enters the village of Blankensee.

Then, the trail goes through the village of Stücken, as well as the village of Wildenbruch, which is where the above photo was taken. After several cute little villages, the leg ends in Seddin, which is at one tip of the Seddiner See, a massive elongated lake that has plenty of bathing areas on its edges.

After knocking off 25 kilometres, this means that I have finished 391 kilometres of this trail. I have 25 kilometres left and I would be done with this trail! That's exciting!

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