21 August 2020

A Day Trip to Halle: Händel-Haus

The last thing I wanted to check out in Halle was the Händel-Haus. This was the house where Georg Friedrich Händel was born, and is now a music museum.

As I mentioned earlier, I wasn't really conscious about the connection between Händel and the city of Halle. Only when I started planning this day trip did I realise that this city was his birthplace. So this museum taught me a thing or two about him.

I did not realise that Händel eventually became a British citizen. Heck, I didn't know his origins, after all, I am not a big fan of Baroque music, even when classical music was a bigger part of my life several years ago. I preferred music from the later years, such as Debussy and Prokofiev, and so I wasn't well-versed at all in Händel's contributions. In any case, this museum provided some insights.

Apparently, Händel became a successful musician based in London, and he lived a rich and comfortable life. And apparently, he is buried in the Westminster Abbey. So England definitely had respect for the man.

The museum had two sections: the first one focused on Händel's life in Halle and beyond, while the second one is a musical instrument museum, spanning instruments from the years, all the way to the 20th century. The city of Halle owned the building since 1937, and has been operating as a music museum since 1948.

It's perhaps not a museum that would interest everyone, but for fans of classical music, then this is a place to check out.

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