25 August 2020

A Weekend in Hamburg

Last month was my birthday. So we took it as a perfect excuse to get out of Berlin. It's been a while since we last left the city and spent the night elsewhere. For me, the last time I did that was back in February when I headed to Paris for a long weekend. So I was definitely excited when this occasion presented itself, and we headed to Hamburg for a 2-night stay.

I haven't been to Hamburg before. To some extent, it was a city that was perhaps too close to Berlin, which made me deprioritise it for the time being. I always thought that it was close enough so I'd go to other cities first. In any case, I finally ended up in Hamburg this year.

We took a train one Friday afternoon. I worked from home that day, and ended up my working day earlier than usual. We headed to Berlin Hauptbahnhof to catch an ICE train, which would take us to Hamburg in about two hours. After arriving in Hamburg Hauptbahnhof, we took the U-Bahn, and after a short walk, we were at our hotel.

In this short trip, we didn't venture too far from the water. We explored the Speicherstadt as well as HafenCity. We took a two-hour boat tour that took us to various parts of the Hamburg port. We also toured the Elbphilharmonie. We visited the fantastic Maritime Museum. We strolled around Altona.

But most importantly, we also had a wonderful dinner in a Michelin-starred restaurant. I was definitely awed by this one. Of course, pictures will follow, so yes, I will elaborate on this. Stay tuned.

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