15 August 2020

Project Naturalisation: Gathering the Required Documents

In order to get naturalised as a German citizen, one needs to provide a massive set of documents. There is a long list that would essentially demonstrate that you fulfil the requirements to attain German citizenship. So I started gathering these documents to get them ready for submission.

I had to for example get my birth certificate translated. I reached out to some friends to get a recommendation on where to do it, which produced good results. I also had to prove that I have been paying my taxes properly. I had to provide evidence of my marital status. I had to show that I am gainfully employed and therefore is not a burden to German society. I had to show that I had proper health insurance, as well as that I am compliantly paying into the state pension system. And many others.

It took some time before I was able to gather all of these documents, but now they're all set and ready to go. Thankfully we are working with an immigration lawyer who is taking care of these things for us. Dealing with bureaucracy is definitely not my favourite thing to do, so if someone is specialised in dealing with these affairs, then I would definitely seek their help in doing so.

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