31 August 2020

Project Naturalisation: The Naturalisation Exam

Earlier this month, I took the naturalisation exam. And while I don't know the results yet, I am quite confident that I passed.

See, one of the requirements for becoming a naturalised German citizen is the naturalisation exam. This exam is mandated by law, and is composed of 33 questions. All questions are multiple-choice. 30 questions are about the history, politics, and government of the Federal Republic of Germany, while 3 questions are specific to the federal state you are in, in my case, to Berlin. Since May, I have taken quite some time every day to do a practice exam, and so far, all of the practice exams I have done gave me a passing score. In order to pass, one must answer at least 17 questions correctly.

I registered for an exam back in June, for a slot in August. It takes an hour, but I definitely didn't need the entire hour for it. There were a few people who were way faster than me, that was amazing. In any case, I double-checked all of my answers, and while there were some questions that I thought I haven't seen before, I counted more than 17 questions in which I was confident I had the correct answer.

They told me that it would take up to 6-8 weeks before I would hear of my results, but that is fine. I think I did well. At this point, I am told by my friends that I know more about Germany history than some of the native Germans themselves. Ha!

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