07 August 2020

Project Naturalisation

Early last year, I decided to apply for permanent residence. And it took a while, and it had a few bumps in between, but in the end, I did become a German permanent resident. At that time, I thought I would ride on this status for a while, as it already gave me the assurance that I would always have a home in Europe. But one year later, I decided that I would go full on, and this time, apply for German citizenship.

See, I could have remained a permanent resident for a while. However, that would mean I am still a guest, without full citizen privileges such as voting rights for example. That wasn't too bad, but then again, if you also consider what is happening with the Philippines nowadays, and how policies have been changing in a scary way back in Manila, then there's more and more arguments that tell me why it would most likely be beneficial to change citizenship status at this point in time.

When I looked at the requirements for German naturalisation, I do qualify already. I have been continuously living in Germany for 8 years (this is the maximum length requirement, though it can be shortened to 6 years if you speak good enough German, which I do). I have a qualifying residence permit. I do not receive long-term support from social services. I do not have any criminal convictions. I do not belong to any terrorist organisation. I am rather well integrated into German society. And yes, I am ready to give up my current citizenship.

See, German nationality law typically does not allow for dual citizenship, so I have to renounce my Philippine citizenship at some point. Somehow, I don't find that hard to do. The fact that I have lived so many years outside of the Philippines even as a little kid makes it easy. I didn't have the typical Philippine cultural experience in the first place. And yes, when you see what is happening in the news lately, then that just makes this idea of giving up my Philippine passport easier.

So I got the ball rolling. It will take some time, as usual. But the process has started. I wonder how long this will take. But in any case, I have time.

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