06 September 2020

A Weekend in Hamburg: Speicherstadt

What can I say? Speicherstadt is perhaps one of my favourite areas within Hamburg. And yes, I have to admit, I haven't taken the time to properly check out all of Hamburg's neighbourhoods, but nevertheless, I already find Speicherstadt to be special, and is an area I'd love to visit again and explore further.

The Speicherstadt is Hamburg's warehouse district. This is actually the largest warehouse district in the world where the buildings are constructed above timber-pile foundations. There's a particular look and feel that is common in the buildings in this area, and because of its historic character, the area was recognised as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

Of course, the original purpose of these buildings was to store goods that were being unloaded from vessels directly from the water. Vessels would come in through the canals and the goods would be directly lifted up from them, using the cranes that were attached to these buildings. And even now, some of these buildings have warehouses where items from faraway are temporarily stored before they get moved around by land transport.

Some of the buildings have been refurbished now to become cafes, museums, and restaurants. But no matter how the interior would be changed, the building had to have a general look and feel that aligned with the rest of the neighbourhood. After all, there is a particular image that has to be preserved. In any case, I would definitely try to explore this neighbourhood further if I am back in Hamburg in the future.

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