10 September 2020

A Weekend in Hamburg: St. Pauli Elbtunnel

There is water all over Hamburg. And this calls for creative ways to move around. So in 1911, the St. Pauli Elbtunnel opened, so that pedestrians and small vehicles can cross over the Elbe. Nowadays, more than one hundred years after its opening, this transport structure is still used quite widely, with hundreds of thousands of pedestrians crossing it. And yes, when we were in Hamburg, even we decided to check it out.

There are pedestrian elevators, vehicular elevators, and an intricate set of staircases to be found on either end. The lifts are rather old, but still functioning to this day. And the tunnel itself is lined with terra cotta displays of items and animals that are to be found in the area.

Every now and then, there are events that occur in the tunnel, like art exhibitions, as well as marathons. In any case, it still is a vital part of the city, still being used by people who regularly cross the Elbe day after day.

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