24 October 2020

A Week in Franconia: German Tin Figure Museum

Plassenburg in Kulmbach actually contains several museums. The most memorable for me was the German Tin Figure Museum. It contains several thousand figures, and is the largest tin figure museum in the world.

I spent more than an hour gawking at these tin figures. Plenty of them have been arranged as dioramas, depicting various scenes from all over the place, from European historical scenes, even to massive scenes like the conquest of Mexico, as well as other battle scenes from historical events. Making tin figures isn't easy, so I can imagine the massive work that needed to be done in order for these scenes to be completed. I also was amazed at the visual effects: tin figures are two-dimensional, yet the way the scenes are depicted make it look like there's depth to it, as the tin figures are typically positioned in a way that would trick the eyes. Seeing these intricate scenes neatly arranged one after another was definitely something I enjoyed.

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