04 October 2020

A Week in Franconia: Neue Residenz Bamberg

I spent one day exploring the Old Town of Bamberg. And as mentioned in an earlier post, one of the things I explored was the palace located in Bamberg's Domplatz, the Neue Residenz. This palace has several wings, and a large part of it is accessible to the public.

This is a rather asymmetrical palace. Most palaces typically have a symmetrical shape, with equal sized wings left and right. But this one is different, and rather it has an L-shaped design.

There is one room inside this palace that was so exquisite, I just couldn't help but take several minutes gasping and gawking at the ceiling. It is a very opulent room, with marvelous paintings that would make your eyes pop. It was just one of those rooms.

Beyond that, the typical palace setup applies. There are plenty of rooms, with various displays within each room. There's lots of artwork that can be observed. There's also sculpture. And there's also palace furniture that one can view on display. In any case, as with typical palaces, there's plenty of rooms to check out.

Because I visited during the pandemic, it seems that they have rearranged the route that one takes during the visit. The visit was one-way, where visitors go through a particular course throughout the palace and only move forward, thereby reducing the chances that one would bump across other people. I thought that was a very thoughtful measure, designed to make cultural visits possible even in extraordinary circumstances like these.

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