16 October 2020

A Week in Franconia: Old Town Kulmbach

The day after I visited Coburg, I headed to further small towns in Franconia. This time I headed to Kulmbach. This is actually a place that was not in my guidebook, yet I looked it up before my visit, and found that there is a massive fortress in this town that was worth visiting. Another crucial aspect was that it is open during a Monday, a day when typically most other places to check out are closed.

I will devote a separate post for Plassenburg Fortress. This time, I am only depicting the Old Town, which is rather pretty and colourful. It is worth exploring for a few hours, checking its nooks and crannies.

The typical wooden-framed houses are present, and they are in different sizes and colours. I started to climb up the hill behind the Old Town as I was heading to the fortress, so this also presented me with very interesting vistas of the town. In any case, I was here for a few hours, and after I explored the fortress, I slowly descended and headed back to the train station to move on.

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