12 October 2020

A Week in Franconia: Veste Coburg

The highlight of my brief visit to Coburg was the Veste Coburg, or the Coburg Fortress. It is a medieval fortress that is built atop a hill overlooking the town. As one of the most well-preserved medieval fortresses in Germany, it has definitely a very formidable appearance to it.

This fortress was built back in the 10th century, though there have been several renovations that have been done over the years. At some point, it was passed over to the House of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha, where Ernst I decided that he would use it as a Gothic revival residence. Nowadays, it is accessible to the public, as a museum.

I slowly walked up the hill from the centre of town, and yes, the approach is slightly tiring, given its hilltop location. In any case, with some patience, one eventually reaches the fortress. That morning, I reached it just in time, as it started to rain, and I also needed to visit the restrooms rather urgently.

The interior is a massive display of fortress artefacts, from artworks, to interior design, old furniture, medieval elements and armour, and many other things. Due to the pandemic, the visit to the fortress was modified slightly so that one went through a one-way route through the exhibits. In any case, even with a pandemic, I was able to enjoy my visit.

Of course, a visit to the fortress would be incomplete without checking out its defences, and this place has plenty. There's a massive exhibit of armour and swords, plus the artillery that are positioned outside that is ready to shoot at anyone who might be planning on attacking this place. In any case, it's definitely a place where one militarily-inclined visitor would definitely enjoy.

I spent a few hours here. Afterwards, I slowly made my way down the hill and back to the town, where I checked out the Ehrenburg Palace. Afterwards, I also strolled around the Old Town, and then slowly called it a day, returning back to Bamberg.

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