21 November 2020

A Week in Franconia: Old Town Nürnberg

After spending three nights in Bamberg, and two nights in Bayreuth, my last stop would be Nürnberg, where I would spend three nights. This is perhaps the biggest city I would visit in this trip, and therefore there was plenty of things to see within the vicinity. After reaching the main train station, I easily found my hotel, and since there was already a free room, I was able to check in earlier than expected, and drop my bags. Immediately after, I explored the Old Town, which was quite extensive.

The first place I checked out was the castle, at the northern side of the Old Town. However, it was unfortunate that massive sections of the castle were under construction due to renovation efforts, so it was not quite accessible. Perhaps I should visit it some other time. In any case, I was able to go to some interesting areas, but I skipped the interior for this time.
Nürnberg has a very impressive set of intact walls. These are thick, and encircle the entire Old Town with a series of thick walls and towers.
And right in the middle of the city, there are also very medieval structures that make you think you're back in time a few centuries ago.
The Old Town is definitely a mouthful, and something that would keep one busy for a few days. There are areas that are remade into shopping centres, but there are also other areas where you think you're still back in time, as the buildings and other structures are rather well-preserved. While I didn't stay within the Old Town during my visit, I stayed close to it, and it was a nice experience to be in such an environment.

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