03 November 2020

Project Naturalisation: The Language Exam

Back in September, I took the German B2 language exam. And a week ago, I received the official result, saying that I passed! I have official proof that I fulfill this qualification to be a German citizen!

See, one of the many requirements for naturalisation is that one can sufficiently use the German language. The required level of proficiency is B1. Nevertheless, we decided that we would play it safe, so we took the exam for a level that is higher than that. And lo and behold, now I have proof that my German skills are enough to pass this requirement. This gives me confidence.

The exam was very comprehensive, and had several parts. There was a written part and a spoken part. The written part consisted of a reading and vocabulary section, a listening section, and a writing section. The reading and vocabulary section required me to read several passages and choose appropriate words that were provided from a set. The listening section involved a recording, where I had to decide whether particular statements were true or false, based on the recording. The writing section required me to write a short text that was intended as a request for additional information as a response to an ad. In the spoken part, this was essentially a spontaneous conversation with another test-taker, where evaluators looked at our skills in presenting arguments, in narrating previous experiences, and in planning and coordinating goals and actions. Overall, the exam took about 4 hours.

And several weeks later, I got the official certificate, that I had enough points to pass. More than enough points, actually, that I comfortably passed the exam. Yay!

I've been here in Germany for 8 years now, and as this is the first language that I have learned as an adult, I definitely have a different learning experience compared to when I was in Japan and in less than 5 years, I was able to be proficient enough to pass the highest level of proficiency exam for the Japanese language in 2002. Learning a language as an adult definitely is a different experience. And if my proficiency in German is now enough to be a citizen, that is definitely something.

Sure enough, we immediately delivered these documents to our lawyer. Now all that is left is to wait for our papers to be processed. It's gonna take some time, but in any case, all requirements have been submitted already.

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