19 November 2020

Resisting Change

Change is not embraced by everyone. And sometimes I also find myself in that situation. For example, this blog. I've been writing down my thoughts and downloading my pictures for years now in this platform, mostly treating it as a prosthetic extension of my memory. I have an established rhythm and method of creating posts, which I have been using for years, until suddenly, there's an update regarding how things would work. So I find myself needing to pick up the pieces again and learn what has been changed, and adapt my rhythm accordingly.

When Blogger announced that they would slowly phase in this new style, I resisted it all the way to the end. I didn't participate in the early release. I always reverted back to Legacy Blogger. They first notified me in June 2020 that such a change is going to happen. And I always reverted to the Legacy version whenever I can, until sometime in mid-September, that was not possible anymore.

Now I had to explicitly type in paragraph breaks. But the thing that irritated me the most was the pictures. I couldn't achieve what I had been easily doing in the old version. Now I have to learn new code, new formatting, and because I couldn't achieve the original layout, I just thought I should change the layout of the way I display my photos.

I suppose it shouldn't matter too much, after all, this blog is more for myself than for others. This blog is a prosthetic memory, and I go back and read old posts and view old pictures every now and then in order to be reminded of the past. I suppose formatting isn't a big thing, given these considerations.

Anyway, I am probably just bargaining. Give it some time and this would be the new normal.

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