01 November 2020

A Week in Franconia: Old Town Würzburg

After spending three nights in Bamberg, it was time to move on. Bayreuth would be where my next accommodation is, but before heading there, I spent the day in Würzburg. Würzburg was surprisingly pretty, charming, and had some aspects that I just didn't expect. Like for example the fact that they are wine producers.

After getting off the train at the main train station, I slowly made my way to the Old Town.

Right in front of the main train station is a fountain, as well as a memorial depicting the luggage of those Jewish residents of the city that were eventually deported to their death.

My first destination was the palace, the Residenz Würzburg. Unfortunately, photography was not allowed inside, but this also made me experience the place in a very different light, admiring things in a different way compared to when I have my camera on my hands. The above photos show the exterior.

There is a very charming and stately park located behind the palace, which I strolled for a while, before figuring out where to eat for lunch.

After lunch, I explored the Old Town further, and then decided to cross the river and check out the fortress on the other side. The next post would be devoted to this, so stay tuned. But for now, I must say that Würzburg was surprisingly pretty, and a place that I could consider spending some more time if I had the chance.

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