Note: This page lists the travelogues for trips I have taken in and around the area I live in. From 2005 to 2012, I have lived in Buffalo, which means that the travelogues written from that time period are from the Western New York and Greater Toronto Area. And from 2012 onwards, I have been living in Berlin, Germany. To find my out-of-town travelogues, click here.

2020 around Berlin

2019 in Berlin

2019 around Berlin

2018 in Berlin

2018 around Berlin

2017 in Berlin

2017 around Berlin

2016 in Berlin

2016 around Berlin

2015 in Berlin

2015 around Berlin

2014 in Berlin

2014 around Berlin

2013 in Berlin

2013 around Berlin

2012 in Berlin

2012 around Berlin

2012 in Buffalo

2012 around Buffalo

2012 in Southern Ontario

2011 in Buffalo

2011 around Buffalo

2011 in Southern Ontario

2010 in Southern Ontario