21 December 2005

Un odore che difettoso devo resistere a

I hate that smell again.

My roommate, as usual, the one who does not know a single thing about cooking, shoved another instant pizza in the microwave. And I hate the smell of it. I hate the smell of the frozen dough that is slowly rising in the microwave. When he opens the microwave door, the smell of that horrendous thing creeps into the apartment heating system, and it goes into my room. It dilates my nostrils and it makes me wince.

Very different compared to six hours ago.

I cooked Alfredo Blue for lunch today. It is a version of Fettucine Alfredo, but with a twist. It has blue cheese in it. And no butter. Alfredo Sauce usually is made with butter and heavy cream, however, I only used heavy cream, parmesan cheese, olive oil, garlic, and blue cheese. Amazing.

Why is it that men typically do not know anything about housework? As if the house interior is the domain of the female. Good thing that my parents thought me to do things both inside and outside the house. So that I would survive.

I talked to my parents over the internet for about two hours today. It seems that they are sure of moving to Prague next month. Remember that my dad is a diplomat? Well, there seems to be an opening in the Prague post, and it seems like he is being transferred there. If that is the case, then Prague would be the destination for my summer trip, when I visit them.

Another consequence of that move, is that the city that the family will visit will change again. We usually plan our trips based on where we will originate. When we were still thinking of originating from Vienna, we were thinking of Casablanca or Berlin. But then, since our point of origin would be Prague now, thinking of the flights coming from Prague Ruzyne International Airport, I have suggested that we fly and visit Oslo instead. If that is the case, then that would be the northernmost city that I have been to so far.

It is indeed exciting to think of the possibilities of travel. Maybe the reason why I became to be in this field is because it presents the opportunities of travel; attending conferences, presenting papers, among other things.

Well, I still don't know whether I would be in Prague, since they are still not 100% sure. We'll see in the next few weeks.


  1. It really is a pleasure hearing from you that you know my beloved "Fettucine Alfredo"!
    I have been in Rome many years ago with my sister and my Finnish girlfriend Sari and we visited the restaurant of Alfredo too and tried his fettucine. I tell you that dish has been sooo incredible delicious!!!
    I tried at home cooking the fettucine too, but of course - I never hit the same taste as Alfredo's have had.
    Did you ever visit Rome?
    It's the absolute most beautiful city in the night I know!

  2. Yes, I've visited Rome earlier this year. I spent a week wandering the streets, entering the palazzi, staring at the Colosseo and admiring the art. It was a wonderful place. Yes, the night scene is beautiful. I could spend hours admiring the beauty of the lights in Piazza de la Repubblica.