Note: This page lists the travelogues for trips I have taken outside of the area I live in. I have lived in Buffalo from 2005 to 2012, and I have been living in Berlin from 2012. I think it feels bizarre to categorise entries pertaining to Western New York and the Greater Toronto Area, as well as the Greater Berlin Area, as trips. However, I still have written about things found around the area where I live; to find my travelogues near where I live, click here.

2020: Hamburg

2020: Paris and Versailles

2020: London

2020: Amsterdam

2020: Peru

2019: Catalonia and Andalusia

2019: Istanbul

2019: Luxembourg

2019: Brussels, Tournai, and Mons

2019: Qatar and Vietnam

2018: Denmark

2018: Western Saxony

2018: Frankfurt

2018: Central Saxony

2018: Southern Holland

2018: Washington DC and New York City

2018: Paris and Chartres

2018: Mexico City and Around

2018: Budapest

2018: Lübeck

2017: Barcelona, Tarragona, San Sebastian, Bilbao

2017: Edinburgh

2017: Bruges, Antwerp, Turnhout, and Mechelen

2017: Oslo

2017: Harz

2017: Budapest

2017: New York City

2017: Poznań

2016: Iran

2016: Bilbao

2016: Slovenia

2016: Normandy and Paris

2016: Copenhagen and Roskilde

2016: Dresden

2016: Bergen

2016: Dubrovnik, Mostar, and Sarajevo

2016: Vilnius