14 October 2019

My Fourth Visit to Spain: Girona Cathedral

The last thing I checked out before I headed out of Girona was the cathedral. It is a massive structure, and something that was worth exploring. There's a giant staircase in front of the church, though during the time I visited, it was decorated with floral ornaments, so I had to go around one block in order to do a detour and access the entrance.

12 October 2019

Book Review: In Evil Hour by Gabriel García Márquez

This book was a very humid and sultry one, where one definitely felt that evil was in the air. The story takes place in an unnamed Colombian village, where everyone knows everyone. Somehow, during the night, there is someone who is posting anonymous criticisms of everyone in the village, which causes people to act weirdly. In fact, one of the opening scenes of the book involves a man, otherwise sane and respectable, shooting his wife's alleged lover dead.

I love García Márquez's writing style here. The mental picture is complete, and the reader is definitely transported to the scene. It's always raining, it's always hot and humid, it's always eerie and spooky, fit for a hot and humid Amazonian village with no name, and with hopeless people as its inhabitants. There isn't an element of magical realism in the narrative, but if you're familiar with the later books of García Márquez, then you already see hints of the great things to come later.

10 October 2019

My Fourth Visit to Spain: Banys Arabs

I tried navigating myself throughout the Old Town of Girona. Originally, my first target was the Arab Baths, but seeing there was a significant queue, I postponed it and checked out other areas first. After some time, the queue became shorter, so I went to it, and waited. After some time, I was able to check out the Arab Baths.

08 October 2019

Book Review: The Travels by Marco Polo

Sometimes there's a book that whets your appetite for travel. And perhaps it's all the more amazing if this book was written centuries before, like this one. I picked this book up given my curiosity for historical travelogues, and I must say, that after reading this book, even after centuries after its publication, I find myself having the same feeling as the readers before me have had, that is, I want to go and follow Marco Polo's footsteps and discover what lies beyond.

See, Marco Polo was a 13th century Venetian merchant and explorer, who was perhaps one of the first Europeans who have ventured out all the way to China. He spent decades outside of Venice, exploring the various lands in China as well as the other countries along the way. His descriptions are fantastic, and readers became excited to know more about what these lands are all about. And given where I am right now, in my late thirties, having visited a few other countries in Marco Polo's route, it was a very enjoyable read learning that the places Marco Polo has visited centuries ago still has traces when compared to the places I have visited a few years ago.

06 October 2019

My Fourth Visit to Spain: Església de Sant Feliu

Girona has plenty of religious buildings that are worth checking out, perhaps not necessarily because of the subject, but more because of the architecture. One such building is the Església de Sant Feliu, or the Church of Saint Felix.