25 August 2019

Book Review: Der grüne Fürst by Heinz Ohff

This book was a difficult read. I suppose my reading comprehension in German still has a bit of catching up to do.

See, I wanted to move beyond travel narratives and explore a different genre. So somehow I encountered this book, a biography, and decided to pick it up. I must say it's definitely harder to comprehend prose about the life of a person, than prose about someone's travels in a foreign land.

Anyway, this book is the biography of Prince Hermann Ludwig Heinrich von Pückler-Muskau, a rather eccentric and interesting character who lived from 1785 to 1871. He was born in Saxony. He was known for landscape gardening, as he has overseen the creation of several English-style gardens in the area. He was also well-travelled for a person of his time. He spent a significant amount of time in England, in the Mediterranean, even in North Africa and the Middle East. He even bought a slave girl from Ethiopia and brought her back to Europe.

23 August 2019

Easter in Istanbul: Basilica Cistern

This was a disappointment. Perhaps I created a hype of it in my head, but in the end, the expectation and the reality didn't quite match.

21 August 2019

Going Up

Two years ago, I made a career change and jumped from academia to industry. And it seems that things are going well with this whole career shift, that I even got promoted recently. Bam!

19 August 2019

Easter in Istanbul: Hagia Sophia

When we went to Istanbul, we made sure that we would see the Hagia Sophia. It is perhaps one of the most important buildings that are located in the city. So we devised a game plan and devoted a morning especially for it. We checked out when it opened, and made sure that we were there thirty minutes before it did.

17 August 2019

Sex and Technology

I had a rather interesting discussion lately about sex and technology, as well as the ethics surrounding it. See, technology has been advancing to the point that gadgets for sexual pleasure are becoming more and more advanced and common. If you aren't well-versed on this topic, then it might surprise you.