08 July 2020

Prancing Yet Again in Paris: Panthéon

It was raining that day. So after visiting a museum and having lunch, I wanted to find another interior destination. So I ended up in the Panthéon, in the Latin Quarter, in the 5th arrondissement.

06 July 2020

El amor en los tiempos del corona: Surgery in a Pandemic

I've had a couple of medical procedures done lately, where social distancing cannot be implemented. I previously talked about getting my teeth cleaned. This time, I will write about getting some surgery done, in the middle of a pandemic.

04 July 2020

Prancing Yet Again in Paris: Musée du quai Branly

As I left the Île aux Cygnes, it started to rain, so I needed an interior place to duck and seek shelter. I ended up visiting the Musée du quai Branly nearby. And since it was the first Sunday of the month, they weren't charging admission. I ended up having a very good time inside.

02 July 2020

Year 16

Wow, I am starting my 16th year of blogging!

30 June 2020

Prancing Yet Again in Paris: Île aux Cygnes

Paris has islands, believe it or not. Two are well-known, but there's a third that isn't quite familiar to most. This is the Île aux Cygnes, or Isle of Swans. It's artificial, it's small, but it has killer views of the Eiffel Tower.