10 May 2008

On the Road: May 10

It is a good thing that Blogger now allows scheduled posts. So I can actually write this post way ahead, even though I don't have a computer with me. So, I will just schedule the time it will be published, and voila!

So what better way to use this feature than when I am on the road?

Ok, I will sort of give you a preview of what I will be doing every day of my trip. Makes your mouth water, don't you think? Yeah yeah, I am evil.

Ok, so for today, Saturday, May 10, I begin my day by heading to New York City's John F. Kennedy International Airport, entering Terminal 4, and boarding an Avianca Airlines flight to Bogota. I will head to the Colombian capital, get out of the airport, and do some sight-seeing in the city, since I have a 9-hour lay-over. I will visit the Gold Museum, and then I will head back to the airport to board my flight to Lima. I am scheduled to arrive at Lima a few minutes before 1:00 AM.

(Jagged Rocks, from my Watkins Glen Series)

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  1. You must be enjoying yourself in Lima by now. Wow, it seems like a long trip, but worth it. Will wait for your stories LIW! :)