25 September 2011

Cavorting in Chile: Centro Cultural Matucana 100

We have spent almost two weeks in Santiago. Of course, there was a conference that we attended and presented, but we also had days of sight-seeing before and after the event. And we pretty much saw everything that one can see in Santiago. One of those is the Centro Cultural Matucana 100.

I actually loved this site. This is a cultural center that used to be a warehouse. Thus, there's this industrial feel to the whole site. Now, what used to be warehouses are converted into art galleries and movie houses that show arthouse films. When we visited, there was an exhibit featuring some interesting artwork.

But first, let me showcase the feel of the site itself, by presenting a few pictures.

Wood features a lot in the architecture. I especially loved the flowing lines that are characteristic of the walkways and galleries. It gives the feel of wind and travel; it actually feels like this type of architecture is quite a match to an airport, for example.

This is an interesting piece that we saw. It is made of cardboard pieces, and together, they form this sort of eggshell. The pieces are tied together in a grid-like pattern. I think the idea is quite ingenious.

Perhaps the most interesting thing I have seen is this wooden contraption. It is shaped like a Mobius strip, but it is made of pieces of wood, that are nailed to each other. And at the same time, there's a pole, which is part of the building, that is smack right in the middle of the piece. The following pictures are some of the details of the piece.

There are also other exhibits, such as several looped videos showing crazy stuff, and this table that seemed to have been populated by scrap cloth.

Finally, as this was a modern art exhibit, I was somewhat compelled to take a photograph of the restroom.


  1. One of the weirdest bathroom I ever been to is the one in Nantes's former cookie factory. The place is now a modern art exhibition center with a restaurant and café and the bathroom are quite unique...!

  2. Zhu,

    Now I am curious what those bathrooms look like!