16 January 2013

Muzeum Narodowe w Szczecinie

When I went to Szczecin for a day trip, I also visited a museum. There were a few museums that one can visit, but I chose the Muzeum Narodowe w Szczecinie, or the National Museum of Szczecin. The main building is located right in front of the water, which is a pretty part of town.

This is the exterior shot of the building. It was quite cold that morning, so I was happy to enter it and keep myself a little bit warm for the time being.

There were weird modern art exhibits. I saw a series of nudes, a bunch of things attached to the wall, some artwork that involved what looked like hair, and other interesting things.

There was also an exhibit on the typical lifestyle of the Pomeranians. After all, this part of Poland is called West Pomerania, so there was a room full of their furniture and other household equipment.

The atrium area of the museum on the other hand was full of these Greek sculptures. The pictures above show a little bit of the things I saw.

There was a room that was full of temporary exhibits. They were pretty, but I wasn't able to take pictures due to the fact that it did not belong to the museum's permanent collection. They were a bunch of artifacts from the Middle Ages.

The other rooms contained the African Collection, and the pictures I have above show a few of these. There were model houses, some archaeological artifacts, and other items that were originally found in Africa.

So that was my excursion in Szczecin. It was an interesting city, but I think a day is enough to explore it.


  1. The picture with the hands is really creepy! Interesting though... but creepy!

    1. Zhu,

      Yes, I totally agree, very creepy. It looks like there's something strange going on beyond the screen!