13 September 2013

Berlin Boogie: Botanischer Garten Berlin

Last July, I had the opportunity to check out and visit Berlin's Botanical Garden. This huge property is located in the southwestern part of the city, in the neighborhood of Dahlem, a very leafy and affluent neighborhood of the city. I took the train heading there one fine weekend in July and checked out this place.

Entrance is cheap; just around 5 EUR if I remember correctly. Originally constructed to showcase flora collected from the German colonies, there are several different sections of this botanical garden. There is the forest, the shrubbery, as well as large greenhouses where the humidity is maintained as well as the temperature, allowing exotic plants to grow, even though Berlin is a temperate location.

Some structures can be seen from the photos above. One is greeted by a nude sculpture, found right at the entrance close to the S-Bahn train station. There are also bodies of water, as well as pavilions and chapels. All of these are ornamented with various interesting plants. Also, watch out for the bees; there are plenty of them. As long as you don't disturb them, then you'll be fine, but they are very much enabling plant sex to happen.

Lots of plants are in bloom, at least back in July. I used my camera's close-up function to take some of these photos above.

One thing that I liked the most is the huge greenhouse. It is large enough to accommodate a giant bamboo plant, with its stalks reaching all the way to the roof. They even had bananas and other tropical fruit trees growing inside the greenhouse. Just be prepared for the humidity that is rather intense inside; after all, one is recreating the weather conditions in the tropics, in order for these plants to grow.

I definitely enjoyed my visit here. It is a great place to stroll and wander around, free from the hustle and bustle of the big city. I also heard that they host various events here, so if you are interested, you can check out the calendar and see if something interests you.


  1. It's much more exotic (looks so, at least) than I would have expected from Germany!

    1. Zhu,

      Well, I have to say that some of these plants are housed inside a greenhouse, which makes diversity more possible!