17 May 2014

Spring and the Outside Tables

Since last month, Spring has been in full swing here in Berlin. The cold has gone, the warm weather is here, and since the first week of April, the city has been seeing warm temperatures hovering around 18 degrees. The trees have been blooming with flowers. And because of this, cafes and restaurants have been setting up their outside tables.

This is something I have really enjoyed here in Europe. Eating out, al fresco, not inside the building. There are eating places where simply sitting outside of the building is just more enjoyable than sitting inside. And somehow, I just find myself amazed at how fast the turn-around is. The temperature climbs up to 18 and suddenly all the cafes are bringing out their tables and chairs outside, and people are sitting down on them.

I have been here in Berlin for almost two years now. Unlike Buffalo, I definitely am sure that I already am enjoying myself here. I remember hitting my second year in Buffalo, and seriously, I haven't explored it yet by that time. Only when I was on my sixth year and realized that I only have a year remaining did I begin to explore the city. But here in Berlin, I hit the ground running, so to speak. Last summer, I had a project to walk the complete Berlin Wall Trail during the summer. I don't have a new project yet, but there are several things I have lined up to see this summer.

Yes, I am so looking forward to seeing and exploring Berlin again, during this wonderful weather.


  1. I can't complain, we do have a vibrant (well, for North America!) downtown core in Ottawa with plenty of patios and terraces. My only regret is that they banned smoking, even outside...

    1. Zhu,

      Yeah, North American summer is definitely something I miss. It tends to be nicer than European ones, at least based on my subjective opinion.