08 June 2014

Meandering in Malta: Armory Rooms in the Grand Master's Palace

As part of my Heritage Malta ticket, I was able to visit the Grand Master's Palace, and so I checked out the Armory Rooms. This is a medium-sized museum that chronicles all of the medieval arms popular during those days. After all, there is a huge swath of Maltese history that has something to do with the knights, so this museum exhibits their weapons.

There were cannons. There were armor. There was a huge battalion of soldiers wearing full armor. There were spears and swords and helmets. And after seeing all of them, I felt weird, knowing that while I thought these things were cool, it was also sad to know that these were used to kill other people and destroy them.

So, in case you are in Malta, visit this place if you want. Malta is full of history, and there are enough of these small and medium-sized museums to keep museum geeks occupied. But sometimes, one realizes that humans are inherently selfish, seeking to destroy others as one pursues personal and selfish reasons. At least, it is not gross and gruesome, unlike other museums showing the full extent of human barbaric actions in the past.

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