04 June 2014

Meandering in Malta: Mdina

Mdina was the old capital of Malta, situated in the center of the big island. It is a walled city, and was inhabited since around 4000 BC. Nowadays, it is nicknamed as the Silent City, and sure enough, the streets inside the walled city are rather quiet, and there are signs saying that noise is not tolerated after sundown.

When I visited there, the first thing that occurred to my mind was how narrow the streets were.

And because the streets are narrow, the cars are restricted. Pedestrians definitely have more mobility here, while the cars only have a subset of roads that they can use, because the other roads are too small for them to pass.

There were several museums in Mdina, such as the Natural History Museum, but I didn't visit any. Additionally, there are a few churches and cathedrals worth noting, but again, I didn't visit any, as I enjoyed walking the narrow streets more than visiting a church. Besides, I've already visited several churches in Malta by this time.

The thing I liked the most was the piazzas. There are several, not really large, but just a wide space in between the buildings, where several of the narrow streets meet. Some are lined with tables from the cafes. It was a cool experience, being in a walled city. This is a place that I totally recommend for those who visit Malta.


  1. Wow, this is narrow indeed! I wish you had a picture with you in it to see the scale. Looks like your average big American guy would get stuck! (Yes, I am stereotyping, I know...)

    1. Zhu,

      Unfortunately I was alone that time, so it was hard to take a picture with me in it. However, I think two people can pass through comfortably, but not more than that.