17 November 2014

Berlin Boogie: Galerie Thomas Schulte

I work in Berlin Mitte. This is pretty much the center of town, and only recently have I noticed that there are plenty of small art galleries near where I work. So every now and then I opt to check out what they are exhibiting. Most of these galleries have free entry, and they open late, so I can easily pop into one of them after work on my way back home. I did exactly that last summer, when I visited the Galerie Thomas Schulte, in Charlottenstrasse. During that time, I viewed an exhibit by Michael Müller, entitled Was nennt sich Kunst, was heißt uns wahrsein? (What is considered art? What does it mean to be true to oneself?)

It was very pink. And one needed to take off one's shoes in order to visit. The carpet was pink. There was a dead swan on the floor. There were blobs and objects of unknown origin all over the place. And there were things that were of a sexual nature. Perhaps it was meant to push the boundary of art. And there was this display of yet another pair of shoes and socks, creating the illusion that someone else is in there, visiting the gallery with you.

I think I like it. Even though I cannot say I understood it. Anyway, I took photos, and here they are. Enjoy.


  1. Looks like the artist created an interesting atmosphere, at least. Not sure if I get it or like it... but it probably makes people react, which I guess is the goal.