23 November 2014

Pablo Garibay Guitar Recital

During the Berlin Art Week last September, we watched a solo recital of Pablo Garibay, a Mexican guitarist. It was held in the Haus am Waldsee, in Zehlendorf. It was free, but reservations were required. So we signed up ahead of time, in order to get some tickets. We didn't know what was being played, except for knowing that there will be Tarrega, Ponce, Cordero, and Jose. Since I was trained as a pianist, not a guitarist, the guitar literature isn't familiar to me, so I wasn't expecting anything I know.

Anyway, he began with five small pieces by Francisco Tarrega. This was in my opinion reflective of the general mode of music that is suited for guitar. He has very good mastery of the instrument, and every piece was performed in a very clear manner. I especially liked the Capricho Arabe, which was the final piece of the selection.

It was followed by Manuel Ponce's Sonata III. This piece has three movements, and definitely very interesting to play. Although in my opinion, I don't see how this piece can be unique or memorable, at least in comparison to the other pieces I heard that night.

Tres Cantigas Negras by Ernesto Cordero, a Puerto Rican composer, was next. I loved this piece. I thought that this was the most interesting piece of the night, as the composer used avant-garde techniques on the guitar, such as joining two strings together, and using percussive aspects to compliment the virtuosic performance of the piece. I definitely list this piece as my favorite.

After the break, he performed Antonio Jose's Sonata para guitarra, which, according to his explanation, was the only guitar piece composed by this composer before he died at the early age of 34. The sonata had four movements, and was of a virtuosic nature. Since I am not a guitarist, I couldn't fully appreciate the complexity and virtuosity of the pieces, but my partner said that the performance was very crisp and well-done.

Ultimately, we had a great time. So I definitely recommend seeing a performance of Pablo Garibay in case he is in your town for a visit.

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