09 March 2015

Los Angeles!

Good news, boys and girls, next week I will be heading to Los Angeles!

Back in late January, I was notified over email that my abstract for a conference hosted by the University of Southern California was accepted for inclusion in the program. Hence that means I will be back in North America again after a 6-month absence, this time to the West Coast. I suppose this post also shows how much lag time I have when I write posts and when they actually go online. I am just happy that when this post goes online, what I am talking about is still in the future.

Anyway, while Los Angeles for me isn't the most thrilling city, I am still excited to go, since I actually love the atmosphere of this conference. It will be my third time presenting in this conference, and if I were to judge my experience based on the previous two times, then I think I would have a good time here as well.

This also means that March will be travel-heavy for me. I've already scheduled a vacation earlier in the month (when this post goes online I will be in my 41st country), so things are a little hectic. Oh well, I do like traveling after all so I am not complaining.

So now I have two conference presentations this year, so far. A third might be swanky, but I also need to spend some time in my lab and conduct some new experiments so that I can have new things to report. We'll see.


  1. 41 countries? I have some catch up to do!

    I have only visited LA once, on my way to Australia in 2010. I liked it much better than I had thought, it was an interesting place, friendlier than expected.

    1. Zhu,

      True, I was last there in 2012 for a wedding and had a good impression of it. Though I have to say, the sights aren't the most impressive.