25 September 2015

Prancing Around in Paris: The Parisian Cityscape

So our time in Paris has come to an end. For the most part, we walked a lot. We did visit some museums, but for the most part, we just walked around and checked out the city. The photos in this website show what we have seen.

The pictures above show you some scenes from the Place de la Concorde, which is located in the 8th arrondissement. This neighborhood is such a swanky place. The three latter photos on the other hand are from some interior passages from Les Halles, north of the Louvre.

The next two pictures are from the Jardin du Palais Royal. The palace itself is closed to the public, but the gardens are open and people go there to sit, relax, play ball, or just do nothing.

Finally, Paris has so many beautiful buildings. The buildings are just pretty, and I can only imagine what it would be like living in these flats. As I was walking around the city, I took plenty of pictures, and a selection of these are shown above.

So that was our trip to Paris. It wasn't all positive for me, given my food poisoning incident, but nevertheless I am more than willing to go back and visit the city again. Who knows, we might actually do that some day!


  1. I love French-style windows and fa├žades. This is one thing I miss here!

    1. Zhu,

      Yes, this was indeed something that I liked in the city. Berlin isn't as pretty as this one!