06 April 2016

The Thirst for a New Country

Two weeks ago, I wrote that I had a thirst for adventure, and that I was getting antsy because I somehow wanted to get away, yet all the options for a cheap getaway were just in Europe. And the thing is, Europe somehow doesn't feel exotic enough. At least that's how I felt when I wrote that article two weeks ago. I guess there's a higher-ranking constraint, that is, the thirst for a new country. So a few days ago, I found myself searching for flights again, trying to see whether there are cheap and close destinations that I haven't been to yet.

And yes, I have to say, I found one. So I ended up booking a ticket for a 3-night stay to a new city, and more importantly, a new country. I guess I contradicted myself of two weeks ago, but somehow I don't really care.

Yes, this new country isn't exotic, but nevertheless, it is new. It probably won't cause tremendous culture shock, but I am not negating the potential in any case. Heck, London was such a culture shock for me that I found myself too emotional to not take a stroll along the Thames without bawling for no obvious reason.

It's a short visit, just three days, but it allows me to break off the monotonous last few weeks, and get a little break. It also allows me to add a new country to my country count!

So it got me thinking, why is that important? I could have easily booked that flight to Brussels and took the train to Antwerp, I haven't been there before. But somehow, I really find myself looking forward to this, taking a flight with an airline I haven't flown before, landing in an airport I haven't been to before, and visiting a place in a country I haven't been to before.

So we'll see. I am postponing my exotic trip to later in the year, when I have more time, and when the weather aligns. But for now, I'll fly away to a new country within the continent.

This makes me worry: I have visited most of the European countries out there. I wonder what would happen if I end up visiting all of them, and I still have the itch to visit a new country. But I guess I can worry about that later.


  1. Sometime, you just have to follow through and give in to the urge! Can't wait to learn your new non-exotic destination :-)

    1. Zhu,

      I will definitely blog about it later! Pictures included!